Down the memory lane to the priceless days!!

I woke up in the morning today, got out of the bed and began drilling the same monotonous routine I do each day. It was all good and dandy till I saw the date on the calendar. 5th September. That was enough to take me back to the place where I would die or even kill to go back to. The place which gave a bag full of memories to cherish upon my whole life. Those memories make me cry at times. Those memories crack me up at times. The place where the innocence is still intact even after years of our leaving. School is the only place which, being my safe haven, prepared me for the real world. And the people who made the school so awesome of a place are the teachers. And it is their day today.

Teachers Day - Legit Lines

I still remember during my school days, every Teachers Day used to be really special. It was always planned to be a huge event to show gratitude towards our Gurus. Few days before 5th September, enthusiasm among the students used to be out of the world. They made sure to make the day exclusive for the teachers. Practising their talents on the stage and bunking classes for that came naturally to students during those days. The celebrations were always supposed to be a surprise for the teachers but obviously that never worked out.

They used to be in such a hype always that the cat got out of the back every time.

Teachers day, every student was supposed to be dressed in casual and colorful clothes. I swear I never loved my school more than I loved it that day. Everything was so… well, not a school like. Teachers used to be exceptionally nice that day. Studying was the forbidden fruit we never wanted to taste. We used to bring flowers and gifts for the teachers we loved. It was our way of thanking them for all the times we wanted to, but could never bring in ourselves to utter.

During the first half of the school time, we used to sit in our classes, talk to our teachers, play games, beg them to not teach, hear stories of their childhood. That, I remember used to be the best part of the day. During those sessions, we learned a lot about our teachers that we never knew.

Then, in the other half, we used to be called upon in the auditorium for the function. It involved students from all the classes to participate. There used to be cultural dances, plays, singing performances and much more. Teachers were invited to the stage to play games which the students used to organise. Every teacher was given a title by the students for their hard work and perseverance. This gave us students an occasion to show how much we respect our teachers.

The day used to be filled with booming laughter and nostalgic memories. It used to be a day on which the teacher-student bonding was maximum. And now that I recall those days, I just want to go back to school and apologize to my teachers for all the times I was ever disrespectful to them and thank them for all the times when they wished good for me. So, I pick up my phone and dial all the contact numbers which have been lost somewhere in my contact list. You do the same and wish your teachers a very Happy Teachers Day.

Celebrating Teachers day-Legit Lines

Tell us the comment section below what were their reactions and how y’all celebrated teachers day at your schools.