Mayanagari-The Story Of The Lost Warriors -Episode 4

Few years later

The armies reached the battefield with their artilleries. It was a clear and sunny sky. The soldiers quickly assembled into their war positions and were oblivious as they were focused only on the battle. The commander chiefs of either sides were dicussing strategies and were anxiously waiting for the approval from their kings.

Both the kings were walking towards in sturdy steps and had a smirk on their faces. “The skies are blue right now. It is so peaceful to see those clouds moving. You have two choices before you Pratap Keerthi, one to make peace talks with me and star gaze with your Queen and I’ll leave half of your kingdom unoccupied until you get a heir.The second being….” . Raja Vikramjeet couldn’t complete his speech as Pratap Keerthi beheaded his head and said “Battlefield is not for discussions you coward! Now you can gaze me trampling your kingdom from the skies with your fellow ancestors”. Seeing this, the commander in chief of Vikramjeet declared war and was running towards his army. Pratap Keerthi signaled his troops to attack the commander in chief as the King is already dead and once the commander is dead it is easy to destroy the army.

Vultures are the group of Pratap’s deadly army. They are mystical beings with every possible trait of a predator. They are assigned with flying drones which are equipped with arrows that shoot balls of explosives which can cause mass destruction at once. They also possess a technology which produces supersonic sounds which deafens the opponents hearing capabilities and causes the opponent to slow down. The army of Pratap is guarded with sound cancelling devices.There is another group in this army which takes the opponent deep into the land and bury them.These deadly creatures are invisible to the naked eye. So, the opponent would never stand a chance against the army of Pratap Keerthi. This is his 99th battle and has never been defeated.

The army of Pratap Keerthi wiped out almost half of the population at the front and the opponents were running for their lives in a haphazard manner. Pratap Keerthi sighted the commander in chief of Vikram Jeet and was headed towards him with a spear in his hand on his mighty horse. He kept chasing him and instructed his army to watch the show. He dismounted the horse and was running like a mad bull towards him and pounced at him and this caused whiplash to the commander and he fell immediately on the ground. Pratap Keethi placed his foot on the heart of the commander and said “Wish you were the King instead of your King, you have that fighting spirit of a King. Well, what is the reason commander?” he winked at him after saying this. The commander clenched his fist at this and wanted to punch him. Seeing this, Pratap struck his sword into the torso of the commander as was furiously looked for a stone. He took the stone and mashed the fist of the commander and was yelling “Never do that commander, I love your spirit. But, not against me you Idiot. Never do that please”. Then he tied both Vikramjeet and the commander back of his horse and drove to the kingdom of Vikrampuri by yelling “Vikramjeet lives forever”. He was sadistically laughing all the time and threw them at the fortress of Vikrampuri.

The Queen of Vikramjeet was sobbing looking at this. Pratap instructed his army to siege the castle and asked them to take the Queen of  Vikramjeet as a prisoner of war along with other royal lineages. He then looked into the skies and chanted the name of his teacher “Thank you, my teacher”.

Ashwabhoomi witnessed another deadly battle and the count of people cursing Pratapkeerthi is increasing.

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