Mayanagari-The Story Of The Lost Warriors -Episode 3

Somewhere in the skies, Avyakta was sleeping in the cradle held by the divine damsel in the form of an Eagle. She crossed kingdoms of Mayanagari, Snehapuri and finally reached Nandaparbhat. Nandaparbhat is a craggy mountainous kingdom ruled by the NandasVivek Nanda is the present ruler. He is a kind man with a great sense of humor and is known for his skills in archery. He also possesses expertise in Rock climbing and Abseiling. These are the sports played by the people of Nandaparbhat and they use these skills in the battlefield. It is said that they are invincible in this terrain and no other king has managed to infiltrate its fortress.

Present day in Nandaparbhat

All the arrangements for the naming ceremony of the new born baby are being done. This baby is first born for Vasavi and Vivek Nanda. All the rituals were being done with utmost sincerity by the priests. There was so much elation all around. Priests are chanting mantras in the name of Parvteshwar, the lord of Nandaparbhat. The royal couple decided to name the young lad as “Prabhal”, the mighty one. A voice from the sky blessed the couple and said ” Nanda your son will be the mightiest of all and in order to keep that strength in a positive way and to save him from all dangers he needs a brother. So, I bless you both with another child”. The voice faded after this. The couple were happy at this and greeted the voice.

“Look over there”, shouted a man pointing towards the sky. The people of Nandaparbhat sighted an Eagle with cradle. The Eagle landed and no sooner it stepped on the land it turned into an damsel. Nanda was pleased to see her and greeted her with delight. The damsels are considered to be a sign of luck in Ashwabhoomi and can take any form they intend to. The damsel blessed the couple and handed the cradle to Vasavi and “He shall be the protector to your mighty son and he shall be your second son from now”. Vasavi looked at the boy and said “His gummy smile is winning hearts for sure”. “I agree” said Nanda holding the baby’s feet. “Has he got a name?” asked Vasavi to the damsel. But there was nobody. She left ! said Nanda. Okay I am his mother from now I shall name my boy “Viraj”. It’s a beautiful name indeed said Nanda in a delight.

The royal couple showed both the babies to the people of Nandaparbhat by lifting them over the head and said “Hail Prabhal Nanda and Viraj Nanda”. The voices echoed all over the kingdom. Vasavi saw an Eagle sigil on the left arm of the baby and showed it to her husband. “He must be Avyakta of the Mayanagari, this must be between us and hide the sigil Vasavi”. Vasavi nodded to this and took both the babies inside the palace.

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