Mayanagari-The Story Of The Lost Warriors -Episode 2

Mayanagari is a kingdom which consists of many mystical creatures and wizards ruled by Meghsandesh . He is a man of virtue. He is said to be one of the greatest kings ever alive. He loves peace more than war as his ultimate goal is to see his kingdom prosper with peace and happiness. He is equally a great warrior with valor and a charming person. He is the only son of Rudra and brother to Avni.

If we travel back into the time and analyse the family tree of Mayanagari, it is a great kingdom in the continent of Ashwabhoomi , the land of horses. It was not a great kingdom until it was ruled by the couple Amitrajit and Devyani . They instilled confidence and war instincts in the people and introduced the great art form known as “Magic or Mayajal” and they chose the Harpy Eagle as their sigil. The main reason being when the king was hunting he happened to talk to the Eagle and it instructed him to take care of all species of the avians. Soon the people of Mayanagari mastered the art in talking to birds and they acquired the skills of different birds. For instance, the Owl is supposed to be nocturnal and can sense different sounds and analyse the heights, so the persons with these innate abilities were sent to borders to serve at watch towers in order to avoid infiltrations. Various other skills were used in the battlefield.

This royal couple gave birth to dynamic sons Keshav and Rudra. Keshav being the eldest was a strategist and the intent of a ferocious king. Rudra was well versed with the sciences such as economics, tactics, and military. Keshav was crowned as the king while Rudra being his military advisor and minister. They both married princesses of the Snehapuri kingdom which was a friendly alliance on the east of Mayanagari which is separated by Himagiri mountains. Meghsandesh is the son of Rudra and Parvati whereas Avni is the daughter of Keshav and Rajeswari. Keshav decided Meghasandesh as his heir because of the latter’s reliable and intricate abilities in handling the royal affairs and the other reason being he never had a son. So, Meghasandesh is the present ruler and is worried about his father’s present condition as he was attacked by the henchmen of Pratapkeerthi.

“My lord, you have a visitor, do you want him to be in?”, said a soldier to the king. Let him in and make sure no one else is in the vicinity said the king.”Welcome father, I hope you are fine”, said Meghasandesh in a worried tone. I am really happy to see you son and we don’t have time. As Avni left this world it is our responsibility to raise this lad to his full potential panted Rudra.”What Avni left this world?” cried Meghsandesh and staggered towards a pillar for support. Seeing this, Rudra rushed towards him and consoled him. Look, my son, I know your love for your sister but we cannot escape the wrath of fate. We need to act wisely and ensure the safety of this child. I want you to raise your nephew. No father! it is very difficult to hide his identity over here as we are surrounded by vultures. I have an idea, I insist you take him to the Nandaparbhat and he will be protected by Vivek Nanda and Vasavi Nanda. Vasavi will be really happy to see the smile of her friend’s child. Meanwhile, Meghsandesh chanted some mantras and a damsel appeared in front of him. He greeted her. He instructed and requested her to safely take the young boy to the Nandaparbhat. She saw the baby and smiled at him instantly and accepted to take him with her. The king thanked her and Rudra seemed to be relieved a bit. She soon took the baby in her hands and chanted some mantra and turned into an Eagle and left the place with the baby in her talons with a grip that doesn’t hurt the child.

Rudra told to himself “Ayushman Avyakta”. He said that he will go to deep meditation and will return when required and asked his son not to look for him. He gave him his artillery coordinates and asked him to use at critical times. Meghsandesh took his father blessings. Rudra blessed his son and left the palace.

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