Speak up and save yourself or remain unsaved!! Solely your choice

Lewd staring, ugly touch, dirty fondling!! Women have been suffering it all since forever. At times, it is the distant uncles, other times the bosses. We’ve been living in this filth without uttering a single word to anyone. We’ve been made to shut up at times when our dads’ best friends entered our rooms stealthily and touched us in a way that made us vulnerable for the rest of our lives. We’ve been made to shut up at times when we were asked to open our legs as the documentation of our qualifications, during our interviews. We’ve been made to shut up at times when we were forced by people who just can’t take no for an answer. We’ve been made to shut up for too long now. It took us quite long to snap but we finally did.

The #Metoo movement started in India to bring about a revolution. A revolution against men who have been exploiting the power they think they have. A revolution to encourage the women of our country to speak up against atrocity and victimization they’ve been facing. The movement aims to persuade them in confiding about their own personal experiences. It’s been working wonders since it started. Women are opening up gradually. They are fearlessly talking about their experiences and we cannot be more proud.

After Tanushree Dutta claimed that her co-actor, Nana Patekar had harassed and threatened her at the sets of “Horn ok pleasss”, many women seem to gain courage to speak about their personal traumatic experiences as well. There have reportedly been allegations on junior foreign minister MJ Akbar, Chetan Bhagath, Alok Nath, Kailash kher, Rajat Kapoor and many more for sexual harassment. This is adding a distinct glee to #metoo.
We as citizens of India should be more supportive towards women speaking up instead of throwing judgmental jabs at them. It takes enormous amount of courage to admit to the fact that they’ve been assaulted, let alone speaking so openly about their trauma. Let us for the sake of humanity show our empathy towards them so that they no longer fear the consequences.

As a woman, I know how difficult it is to survive in this male dominant society. No extent of feminism can change the fact that we would always be ruled by the men and the society would keep favoring them. This alone is difficult for us to wrap our heads around. We don’t feel the need to fear from the men more than we already do. We request all the men of the country to please not exhibit your power on our tender bodies for our bodies might be tender but our minds are not and definitely not the words that would sprout out of our mouth.

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With that being said, there have been many instances where girls are fearlessly speaking their minds out about their traumatic experiences. But there have been many instances where men tend to become the victims of delusive plotting and planning by women. Just for an example, let us talk about Rohtak sisters. They conned many men by making the people believe that they had harassed the sisters. Men had to pay huge amounts of money to have the charges dropped. There have been many more instances similar to this which clearly proved that men were falsely accused. There have been reports of many fake allegations which could not be proved when confronted. So, It is advisable to investigate into such cases thoroughly before pursuing them. It is not at all virtuous to target people based upon a lie.

And for the ladies who have been traumatized to the extent that they are scared of their own shadow, I say, you guys are not alone. We all are with you. Do not fear to speak against this obscenity. I, as a woman understand that talking about the trauma is easier said than done, but keeping it all bottled in makes it worse. It takes immense courage and strength to come out with what you went through. There are many people and organizations who strive to listen to the survival stories. So, break the silence and start a revolution by talking about it all. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Following are some of the organizations you can talk to

Saheli – a womens’ organization
(011) 24616485 (Saturdays)

RAHI Recovering and Healing from Incest. A support centre for women survivors of child sexual abuse
(011) 26238466/ 26224042 26227647

We at Legitlines wish you all the courage to be able to speak up about what you feel is wrong happening to you.