Bringing the Late Night Talk Show culture to India: Son Of Abish.

How many of us have not watched the late night talk shows and laughed till our tummy hurt? How many of us were genuinely charmed by the talk show culture and the amazing wits of talk show hosts like David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, and Johnny Carson?
How actors, leaders and other famous figures talk about their works or any specific memory or just anything they wanted to. How awareness about social, political and environmental events was brought into the limelight. And how we longed for these talk shows to start in India, in our Indian entertainment industry.

A talk show that changed everything:

I think our wishes and prayers have been answered now. Stand up comedian and YouTube celebrity Abish Mathew has successfully landed the first-ever talk show format in India. Son of Abish is a talk show whose first season aired in 2014. It became an instant hit as that format was new for the Indian audience and it was liked by many due to the familiarity with the talk shows from the west. Introducing the talk show format initially the show featured a simple talk with the guest format where Abish asked interesting questions to the guests. It was shot in front of a live audience and the show bloomed with the strong reactions received from them.

When asked about the changes the second season will bring he said:

“I really wanted the second season to stand out from the first. I wanted the caliber of the interviews to go up, I really wanted to ‘up’ the production values. We had to wait for the second season to be bigger and better.”

With the first season being well received, he went ahead with two more seasons and built a rather familiar talk show set which increased the familiarity with the western late night shows and also captivated the audience. Following the tradition of a live audience show being filmed, his monologue and other bits and games which he had introduced paved its way right into the hearts of the eager audience waiting for an all Indian late night show. He was able to bring a wide array of guests onto the show and shared their stories, anecdotes. He engaged them with fun games and also gave witty gifts which created its own hallmark for the viewers.

Abish is now all set for Season 4 of Son of Abish which is now premiering on Hotstar. His first episode has been on-air and it has already begun to amass the love for the format and the new line of entertainment he has created. The show along with his talent as a stand-up up comedian paired with hilarious writers, impeccable monologues, and his always excited spirit is what makes the show stand out.

Check out his first episode with Kenny Sebastian and Yami Gautam on Hotstar.

Here is a small clip from the first episode of season 4.