Hyderabad’s Annual Digital Marketing Summit is ready to take off!!

Hyderabad’s 6th Annual Digital Marketing Summit is just around the corner and we can’t be more excited!!

Just like always, IDoneSEO brings to you one of the most enriching digital summits known for promoting the role of digital marketing in today’s businesses. The annual event this year is planned to be held on 6th December at Hotel Trishul Grand, Madhapur, Hyderabad.

If you are an entrepreneur looking forward to expanding your business or understanding the fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Then this platform can work wonders for you. With over 200 digital professionals, entrepreneurs, students, artists and career counsellors attending the event, you are surely in for a completely informative session. The session aims at motivating regional, developing and even developed startups or businesses to reach desired heights. There are numerous reasons for you to attend the session. To list few of many-:

• You would get to know about the techniques to get more customers and more leads.
• Ways to put your online strategies to market your company and expand your reach.
• It would help you understand the perspective of your online clients.
• How to market your content online would be one of the things you would learn out of many things.
• Help you in understanding the aspects of different industries in the digital space.
• Meeting a diverse crowd of entrepreneurs, businessmen and artists would help you increase your social and business network.

The event would involve the talks from our experts and key industry personnel. It is a wonderful opportunity for entrepreneurs, SME owners, investors, startup owners and businessmen to learn about digital marketing and diversify their networks.
Event speakers would include great entrepreneurs, businessmen and professionals with expertise in digital marketing. The list goes as follows-:
Rohan Ayyar– Regional marketing manager at SEMrush, Mr. Rohan is an experienced digital marketer who has worked in agencies and in-house towards developing data-driven strategies for SEO, PPC, social media and content marketing.
Dyvik Chenna– Product manager at CLEVERT, Mr Dyvik has an experience of working with Spencer’s retail for around 2 years with the top management. His expertise lies in Digital strategies, research and innovation.
Akathma Devi- Founder of Rubhusocial akathma, Ms Akathma started her entrepreneurship immediately after graduation and has been invincible in the field of digital marketing since then.
Sampath Mallidi– Founder, CEO at Intandemly, Mr Sampath is an account based Sales/Marketing enthusiast with a passion of tackling the most complex sales/marketing situations.
Subhash Desai– CEO at Markiverse Media Pvt. Ltd, Mr Subhash works with marquee companies like Tata Communications, Tech Mahindra, Phoenix Business Consulting etc.
Subhendu Pattnaik– Global head of marketing at Cigniti, Mr Subhendu is a self-driven and experienced marketing leader with over 15 years of hands-on experience in Digital and social marketing, product positioning, product marketing, account-based marketing and much more.
Sravan Narasipuram– Founder at Abda Digital, Mr. Sravan worked on several solutions for the mobile, desktop and cloud.
Diwakar Singh– Director at Avishkar Labs Pvt. Ltd, Diwakar is a business professional development with a proven track record of growing business across different regions for over 15 years.

IDoneSEO has always been the one to host the most informative events of all times. After the huge success of the events organized by them, IDoneSeO is all set to steal the show once again. Buy your tickets to the Summit soon, if you wish to make your Sunday valuable.
All event details are available on: https://www.meraevents.com/event/dmsummit-hyd?ucode=organizer
For more information. click on the link.

We take pride in the fact that LegitLines is one of the partners contributing in this year’s Digital Marketing Summit.
So, get your tickets now and reserve your seat for this exciting event that identifies the changing role of digital marketing in the business world today.