Home Minister Narasimha Reddy appreciates and launches Arupu

Naini Narasimha Reddy Arupu Roll Rida

Home minister of Telangana, Shri Naini Narasimha Reddy was inspired by the concept of Arupu by Roll Rida. The team of Arupu has visited him earlier to screen him a viewing under the #breakthesilence campaign. Being impressed by the content and concept of the song, he even released the posters and helped in spreading a noble message on Tuesday.

Roll Rida‘s new work “Arupu”, is touching millions of hearts with its mesmerizing lyrics. Arupu is backed up by an expert music team which includes lead female singer Manisha Eerabathini and Music by Kamran. Roll Rida adopted a rhythmic way to express his views on the bad incidents happening to women in the present day society. Through his song, he conveys a message to the society by creating social awareness among people against the sexual abuses happening all around.  Director Harikanth Gunamagari created a tagline #breakthesilence. This is relevant to this context which reveals a message that we all should walk together to protect women . Arupu is a song dedicated to all the women who have been victims to all sorts of harassments.

Naini Narasimha Reddy Arupu Roll Rida
Home Minister Launches Poster of Arupu

The lyrics allude to the grapples faced by women who have been victims of Rape, Acid attacks, sexual assaults, killing of girl child, eve teasing etc. “Women are responsible for giving birth. But unfortunately she is not getting the right to live the life the way she wants to. Why is it so? Our culture of women or a girl respecting elders is mistaken in a wrong way”. This song gives an interpretation on women’s feelings which she feels sensitive to express them.

In any society, good and bad co-exist. We know the things we are coming across are not right. But knowing about everything, people hesitate to raise their voice against them. The first step to solve any problem is to accept the fact that there exists a problem. The song makes you question the very foundations of how you think as a human being. As part of a conservative society, we are all taught a few metrics of what is good and what is bad. This is applicable and correlates well to how we treat women in our day to day lives.

The lyrics not just make you question but also help you find an answer from within. But for that to happen, you should actually sit down and watch the video. Hope Arupu will definitely be an eye opener for all of you.

Arupu by Roll Rida and Kamran featuring Manisha Eerabathini is,

Produced by Sunil Gaddam and Srini Srigadha with DOP by Edurolu Raju. The Art Director is Prashanti Chakravarthy where as the Executive Producer is Deepak Reddy. The Line Producers of the song are Vincent Praveen and Neela Chakravarthy

You can watch the song video here