Arupu: Roll Rida to #Breakthesilence on violence against women

Roll Rida is yet again ready to roll the world with his amazing voice and rapping skills. This time he brings to us a song that is sure to break the silence against women harassment called Arupu. Arupu is directed by Harikanth Gunamagari and produced by Sunil Gaddamedi & Srini Srigadha and also features the popular playback singer and actor, Manisha Eerabathini.


The song carries a theme, we all are too scared to raise our voices about. Harassment against women. Everyone is well aware of the current situation of women in  our country. There are thousands of women out there who suffer each day from different forms of harassment. But no one cares enough to take up any action against it.

Roll Rida along with Kamran team has been working on Arupu for over a month even before his entry into the Bigg Boss house. Released on August 18 world wide , the teaser has  already been trending on Youtube for quite a while. It is believed that this would be another hit from Roll Rida and Kamran team just like the other eight projects by them together.  The song is sure to instill some sense into the people of the society regarding how women are treated on a daily basis.

#Breakthesilence Campaign by the Arupu song team

#Breakthesilence is a campaign started on social media by the Arupu team. They believe that it is a high time that the society should speak up against atrocities towards women . This campaign is creating a greater impact than expected.  Women are coming forward to share their experiences in support of the campaign. The word “Arupu” means to shout and break the silence, in Telugu. The lyrics of the song are meant to portray the inner feelings of a woman which have been sealed inside for a long time and to fill them with a sense of empowerment. It is to teach them to stand against what is wrong.

This song is created to spread  awareness against women harassment. This independence week, let us spread the word about Sexual harassment and pay respect to those 80% of the women all over the world who have been sexually assaulted till today and everyday. Let us make the song more and more popular with each passing second.

Roll Rida has always been working for the social issues. This initiative of saving the women against sexual harassment would prove to be quite effective.  We hope this song proves to be an eye opener for people of our society and encourage them to stand against sexual harassment. May the song reach millions of people and get appreciated the same way the teaser is being appreciated.

You can watch the teaser here and the entire video here

Roll Rida is also a contestant in the Bigg Boss Telugu, Season 2. He is getting quite popular among the housemates. Catch him  live every day from Monday to Friday at 9:00PM on Maa TV and Hotstar.