YouTube is a very massive entertainment platform where making an identity among all the other content creators is in itself a great challenge. It goes same for the Indian YouTube community which is a very young and growing community. However, 2017 has seen a lot of exceptionally talented creators come by or pre-existing channel raise the bar so high that the Indian creators joined the ranks of the international YouTubers and are also often compared to them.

Here is a list that we made of all the Indian Youtubers who have made an impact on the YouTube scene, and have garnered a lot of love and support from their very loyal YouTube fan base.

  1. BB ki Vines

    If a list of the best Indian Youtube channels excludes BB ki Vines, trust me that list is flaaawed.From creating new and unique characters who can anytime tickle your funny bone to singing melodious touching songs and being the first Indian Youtuber to reach 5 million Subscribers, Bhuvan Bam has done it all and in the process won the love of millions.

    ChannelBB Ki Vines
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  2. All India Bakchod

    From creating awareness sketches with a hint of sarcasm to making hilariously funny videos like the Honest video series which amassed a huge number of views and laughs, (while also working on their hit comic show ‘On Air with AIB’) they have earned a place in this list and also in people’s hearts. In making the ‘Desi Rewind 2017’, they gave a break to new and upcoming writers through the First Draft program.

    Channel: AIB
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  3. East India Comedy

    Despite most of their videos containing standup comedy routines taken from the amazing East India Comedy show, the members of EIC have rib-tickling writing skills which clearly exhibit their sense of humor. The amazingly well-written and hilarious parody songs on famous people have left us ‘hahahaStruck’.

    Channel: East India Comedy
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  4. CarryMinati

    From making voiceover gameplays while sarcastically ripping apart videos which are a joke in itself to making hilarious spoofs of his BFFs ‘Dhinchak’ Pooja and Om Prakash ‘Rap king’ (trust me I am laughing when I type this) while also making his live game sessions on his second channel, Carry Minati is a funny critic of the YouTube scene. If you have heard any of your friends or siblings this year go “Tho Kaise hai Aap log” or “Yooootooob”. Well, that is the doing of Ajey and now you know it.

    Channel: CarryMinati
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  5. The Viral Fever

    Bringing out crazy web series which rambled the hearts of many internet drama lovers to roping in many other channels like The Screen Patti or Bade Chotte into their ranks, this multi star-studded channel has stood true for its goal of bringing the best web content. (PS: I am one of the many others who is still waiting for the next season of Pitchers :P)
    Channel: The Viral Fever
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  6. Shirley Setia

    The tiny girl with not so tiny dreams who has won the hearts of millions of Indians and other country folks alike with her amazing voice and her cuteness. This is the one channel you wouldn’t want to miss. From singing cover songs to performing live at concerts, this tiny woman has taken us all the way to the stars.

    Channel: Shirley Setia
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  7. Vidya Vox

    Can you mix two songs which seem unimaginable together? The real struggle is how you are gonna pull them both together. If you think this is an impossible feat, then you might not have heard about Vidya Vox. A talented singer who has mesmerized us by skillfully mixing two very different songs. With her covers already in her bag, she did her tour all over India in 2017.

    Channel: Vidya Vox
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  8. SnG Comedy

    Another bunch of funny and extremely talented people, who have just made the whole concept of a podcast as amazing as it can get. With the viewers demanding more and more of their ‘The Big Question with SNG’, they have created a hilarious set of amazing sketches which ripped apart a huge number of laughing barriers. We have literally ROFLs and LOLs incoming.

    Channel: SnG Comedy
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  9. Mostly Sane

    An impeccable observation to detail when clubbed with an amazing comic timing, witty writing, and energetic presentation skills of the likes of Prajakta Koli, you can never – NEVER – avoid that content. She is witty, she is funny, she embraces the awkward and always slays.

    Channel: MostlySane
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  10. Ashish Chanchlani Vines

From making small funny vines to making hilarious voiceover spoofs of cartoon shows and now making videos every single Indian can relate to and also laugh so hard that their eyes pop out, Ashish has brought his charm along with his amazing acting skills and brilliantly timed expressions. All the while filling our eyes with tears, of course, the ones we get when we laugh endlessly.

Channel: Ashish Chanchlani Vines
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It is an ever-growing list. In this second that you’re reading this, a new YouTuber is working hard to make their way into our hearts. On behalf of all their fans, this is just a way to thank and support these hard working content creators.
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