The Last Jedi Is The New Empire Strikes Back | Movie Review

Star Wars Last Jedi

My favourite part of The Last Jedi was when my friend asked me “When is Thor going to show up”

Yeah! He thought it was an avengers flick. Stupid Muggle.


Before we jump into the spoiler ridden review of The Last Jedi, let me give you a no-spoiler version because we are not monsters here at Legitlines.

The No-spoiler Version

The Force Awakens was kind-of a spiritual, self-indulgent remake of The New Hope, though it was awesome in its own accord. The Last Jedi builds on this narrative and is THE BEST SEQUEL a Star Wars Nerd could ask for. It’s the NEW Empires Strikes Back and the only worthy heir to its legacy. It did everything Empires Strikes Back did to The New Hope but better. It had EVERYTHING to qualify as an awesome sequel.

Okay! So, the movie was long one. Boy-oh-boy! They were the best two and half hours of my life. It is worth it.

Now that we’re done talking vaguely about The Last Jedi while tiptoeing around the important and exciting details, we should jump right into the spoilers. Considered yourself warned.


The Spoiler Version

Several important secrets have been unraveled in the Last Jedi; the most important questions like: Where does the blue milk come from; Do rebels have sweeping and sanitation personnel too?

All that and a few other unimportant stuff like the Ben Solo Backstory and the Rey Origins. You know. Meh!

An Unpleasant Surprise

So the primary plot of the movie starts off with the rebels evacuating the base when the First Order raided them.

The first story-line of the Last Jedi is about how Poe disobeys the orders of Leia Organo [and a hot General successor of Leia] and causes more casualties than usual, including Poe’s hot Asian girlfriend.

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The Dark Side

Simultaneously, Rey is trying to convince Luke to train her so that she could find answers to her past and her connection with the force. While Kylo Ren is troubled by his past; he hesitated to kill his mom when he had the chance; time and again proving to show some light on his soul.

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One of the beautiful things about the movie was the character development of Kylo Ren as a villain. THIS was the character development what a true villain, such as Kylo, needs nay deserves. He felt betrayed by his own master which lead him down the path darkness; the darkness that surpassed the totality of Vader, Palpatine and Snoke. However, the darkness of Kylo Ren wasn’t portrayed as cold and aloof like they do usually but with shades of empathy. Though Episode-III tried that with Vader, it hit the mark with Kylo Ren.

The story-line and its pace

I loved how they portrayed Luke Skywalker. While the entire galaxy takes Luke as to be some kind of legend or god, in actuality he is just an unwise young boy in an old man’s body which is true and fresh. In his defense, he HAD to learn everything by himself from books and never had a wise Jedi master to guide him (since every single one of the Jedi ghosts were probably busy partying in the Jedi heaven).

The romance and the other stuff

Finn and Rey’s relationship is ambiguous with the question always lingering between them: will they or won’t they and why don’t they!


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Rose is your average war ridden, technologically proficient badass weapons expert. Her incompetent yet hot sister’s death made her an interesting main character. Phew! I typed all of that in a single breath. #noregrets #outofbreath

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Notable mentions: Kylo Ren and Rey’s team-up against the Smoke bodyguards; Luke Vs Kylo Ren; Master Yoda; each and EVERY second of BB8 screen time. I almost forget to mention the little kid using the Force to pickup the broom to clean the Fathier stables.

Final thoughts:

Every time you think you’ve figured out the plot, the movie contradicts you with more information that changes everything. Though there is a lot crammed into a single movie, at no point do you feel that kind of traffic in you but the contrary, it keeps you engages. A must watch.