Disney-Fox Merger Could Be Disastrous For Marvel Fans

The future of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Walt Disney company has announced about the deal negotiated for the acquisition of most of 21st Century Fox for roughly $53.4 billion. While the agreement is subject to the approval of antitrust regulators, Disney is acknowledging that the future of television and movie watching is online. The questions have aroused about the future of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What does this mean to the Marvel Universe?

This acquisition makes the Disney empire bigger than Universal and Time Warner. While the economists are predicting the future of the Walt Disney Company, fans have been speculating about the X-Men and the Avenger collaboration.

Marvel Comics created great characters and superheroes but the Marvel Studios doesn’t own the rights to all of them. However, if the Disney-Fox merger happens, that will no longer be the case. This opens up new possibilities involving major crossovers.

The movies could lose their charisma

The new Avenger’s movie trailer was released almost a month ago and made noise in the Marvel fan base. The trailer seemed too crowded with superheroes.

As the universe gets bigger, the people in it become as much smaller. With so many superheroes in the new movie, the plot arcs of characters could become tiny and insignificant. I suspect there is not much each character could do which falls under their personalities.


Every Marvel movie hero ever will be part of the new Avenger’s Infinity War movie: the prudish soldier, the handsome god, the playboy-billionaire-philanthropist scientist, the strange doctor, the ex-Russian spy, the teenager, the little dude, some black guy, the Hulk (like I am gonna give the Hulk a nickname), the space breakfast club – every Marvel superhero, that the Marvel Studios own the rights to, ever will be in this movie.

Too many cooks spoil the dish

When a company becomes too big to fail, the obvious thing that happens is the decrease in quality of the product.

Now that Disney has acquired the Fox, fans [except me] have been psyched about the possibility of an X-Men and Avenger collaboration. However, I am excited about the possibility of a Deadpool crossover movie where he murders the Avengers – ever since it happened in the comic books. Boy! Deadpool is cool.

Deadpool doesn’t give a fuck!

This reminds me of the mythical story about one of the Avatars of God Vishnu where he grows huge and crushes Bali Chakravarthi.

Is Disney getting too big to fail or is it becoming big only to crush us – fans and consumers – into the ground, bury us along with the movies and the superheroes we so love?

The answer depends on the performance and the reception of Avenger’s Infinity War and not to mention its quality.