The Black Panther| Movie Review and End credit scene explained

Black Panther Movie Review Legit Lines

With the Avengers Infinity war release date coming on April 28th, the pace of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is moving fast. The Black Panther movie is the last of the phase 3 movies of the MCU. It was released on 14th and 15th of February worldwide.
I watched the Black Panther Full Movie today at the theatre and have a full on spoiler-filled review for you guys. Let’s dig into it without any further ado.

The Black Panther Movie review

The Black Panther Cast and Crew are mostly African Americans and the movie itself is more about Black lives and the concept of Privilege. More emphasis was given how the rich and privileged Wakandans sit while the world around them suffers. This amongst many other reasons perfectly justify the Killmonger, the antagonist’s motivations.

Though the script was crisp and humorous as any other Marvel movie, it lagged due to the fact that it IS like any other Marvel movie. An antagonist with similar skills/weapons/ design scheme as the protagonist. A villain with almost good motive with the hero’s past messing his life and yada yada yada.

Black Panther fighting Killmonger
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Black Panther Wiki and Story

The movie starts off with a badass Black Panthar King T’challa’s return to Wakanda and his accession to the throne by fighting off a rival tribe leader. Gaining a lead on the man who caused destruction to Wakanda once and who holds a piece of Vibranium, The movie has a slow first act trying to find Klaw and his Discount Ironman Arm (who feels like He survived Ultron JUST TO DIE TODAY). Killmonger, the son of Late King T’chaka’s brother is back for revenge and as a rightful heir to the throne. He does succeed in becoming the king only to be thwarted and overthrown by Black Panther, his genius sister Shuri, the white American General Ross, a bunch of female badass warriors led by Okoye and the entire Jabari tribal army which had nothing but hate for them until the last moment screenwriter wisdom.

Cast and Crew of Marvel’s Black Panther

The Cast and Crew of Black Panther did an incredible performance in displaying apt emotional and badassery along with the script. Chadwick Boseman and Michael B Jordan stole the show with their perfect balance of emotion in a well-choreographed fight sequence.

Black Panther Cast and Crew Legit Lines
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The Black Panther End Credit Scenes

The Black Panthar has two end credit scenes both of which go as follows.

1) The UN Conference

King T’Chala, Shuri and Okoye are at the UN conference where The King announces to unassuming world leaders that Wakanda is ready to share its knowledge and resources with the world. He gets giggles for how a nation of poor farmers can help an entire world. The screen fades into the black with a smile by the Wakandan king and his Loyal Followers.

2) Bucky Barnes and Shuri

A first person view shows a person waking up to see a bunch of kids running out of the room and enters Shuri, the genius sister of The Black Panther King T’chala. The screen zooms to show Bucky Barnes asking Shuri where he is and Shuri about to teach him all about Wakanda.

Captain America and Black Panther and Bucky Barnes
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Now the Major question by many fans is

Where Is Captain America in the Black Panther movie?

The simple answer to this was given in the Prelude comic of The Black Panther. This shows Captain America forming a tiny response strike team with Sam Wilson aka Falcon and Natasha Romanoff aka The Black Widow while the US government hunts for them( Captain America Civil War). He, with this, what’s left of the Avengers goes on his own solo missions to tackle international threats. Ant-man Scot Lang is busy shrinking tiny and becoming big and running away as we see him in The Ant-man and Wasp trailer.

Avengers Infinity War releases on 28th April 2018 while Ant-man and Wasp release on 6th of July 2018.

This shows that we cannot expect Ant-man or Wasp for the Avengers Infinity War.

The IMDB ratings for Black Panther is 7.7, Rotten Tomatoes score the Black Panther movie for 97%.

Legit Lines rates the movie at an above mediocrity score of 6.5/10.
Go watch The Black Panther in a theatre and DO NOT do something silly by typing Black Panther Full Movie Download or something on Google. Piracy is bad kids.